Sunday, April 7, 2019

What Are The Best Secrets of SEO - You Know ?

In this competitive world of SEO, some secrets or hacks of SEO can help to rank your site easily. In this article, you will learn about some SEO secrets that will be beneficial for your website. Google launches new algorithms and makes the SEO would be complex. I was very shocked that people have no idea about the newly launched Google algorithms. So, Read the digital keshav article that would be helped to learn about the best SEO secrets to rank the website on Google.

Let's Start it...

1. Content: At this time, Google wants quality and informative content. Content is the heart of your website. If your content quality is not good according to the guidance of Google, then you can't rank your site on Google. Your content must be unique and long with genuine deep information. As you know, content is the king. So, you should create informative quality content and optimize your content to gain more traffic on your site. when you start content optimization, you should remember these 3 things:
  • Target your keywords for your goal
  • Improve the readability for your audience
  • Using internal and external links

2. Avoid Spammy Links: When you create backlinks for your site, you need to check whether the website has spam or not. Spammy links are dangerous for your website. According to the Google Penguin update, Google avoids the spammy websites and links. So, you should avoid spam backlinks for your website. you should also avoid spam keywords in your content of the website. To check spammy links, many tools are available on Google like Moz.

3. Social Media: Social Media plays an important role to promote your brand, product or service. You have to build multiple social accounts and share posts or content to increase website traffic. This is one of the best secrets of SEO to make your website visibility and get more customers for your products or services. Most of high social media platforms are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

You need to create a good reputation on social media for your website. You can get two benefits to make an account of social media. the first one is, you will get free backlinks for your website. The second benefit is, you will get followers and gain traffic for your website.

4. Competitor Analysis: When you doing On-Page SEO, you need to see your competitor what they are doing? You can check your competitor's website design, content, links and brand image on the internet. this is the best SEO secret to help your website ranking on Google. You need to be updated about the competitor website or backlinks. Competitor analysis is an important part of SEO.

Conclusion: These are the best secrets of SEO that will be helped to increase your website ranking or traffic. The main goal of SEO is to increase the visibility of the website on Google. you need to follow these rules and you should update about Google algorithms. 


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