Sunday, September 23, 2018

5 On Page Ways To Boost Website Traffic

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Welcome to this blog, today I will post information about how can increase website traffic with on-page SEO techniques. Digital Keshav consults for digital marketing tips. Here are 5 best ways to boost website traffic through On Page.

1. Content:- 

Content is a King of digital marketing because Google will prefer unique and good quality content so first, we add a blog web page on the website for contents. Basically, content is like a bridge between you and your customer. If your website content is unique and user-friendly than customer stays your website or will show interest. Google will rank your website as soon as possible.

Content Optimization is a technique in which a website and its content are optimized for more attractive and user-friendly to users. We can add our keywords like SEO in Amritsar, so this keyword is used in the content. Check keyword density, keyword density should be in between 2-3% only. Content length should be at least 500 words. And avoid duplicate content so add only unique content to become more attractive, useful and feasible to users.

2. Keyword Research:- 

Keyword research is the main part of On-Page SEO Technique because people will not know any company name, they just find information on Google with the help of keywords. So Different companies need different relevant keywords for large traffic of website. Keyword research is named to find search keywords. Basically, we need a high search volume and low competition keywords.

To Find Keywords, we use Google AdWords Keyword Planner than we can find out relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition. For example, my company is Digital Keshav and we provide SEO in Amritsar than our relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition are:-

SEO Services in Amritsar, SEO in Amritsar, Digital Marketing in Amritsar, SEO Training in Amritsar, SEO Training Amritsar.

We need our all keywords are ranked in Google then automatically, our company gains large traffic on the website.

3. Meta Tags:- 

Meta Tags are snippets of text that describe meta title, slug and meta description. Following example are showing meta title, URL and description.

Meta Title:- Meta Title is a Title Tag which you will show at top of snippet. For example SEO in Amritsar - Digital Keshav is the title of your page. Meta Title length must only 58 characters.

Meta Slug:- Meta slug is a URL structure or address of a specific website or webpage. For example, is an address of our website.
Meta Description:- Meta description is an important part of Meta Tags. You can write meta descriptions of up to 158 characters. In the description, we add meta title and his relevant information. 

Example:- SEO in Amritsar - Digital Keshav gives the best quality SEO Services in Amritsar with the help of a qualified SEO expert team. we will offer a free trial with one keyword.

Search engine follow meta tags so this is also the best way to increase organic traffic with an on-page technique.

4. Alt Tags:- 

Alt Tag is used for feature images for your website. It’s an alternative text of images because Google can’t understand jpg files. So we need to update the alt tag. This is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to give a text alternative for search engines. This is also the best technology that can positively impact your website and add our keywords for On-Page. Alt Tag is also known as image tag and this technique helps to become more attractive to your website and increase organic traffic.

5. Sitemap:- 

Sitemap is generally a map of your website. In On-Page SEO, Sitemap is an XML file that is a list of individual web pages URLs. Generally, every website need a sitemap so here are some steps of how to submit sitemap of the website:-

    ·         Go to Google webmaster
    ·         Add your website property
    ·         Click Sitemap
    ·         Submit your Sitemap

    After submitted, we need to upload a sitemap in C Panel. So, this technique also helps to become a user-friendly website.



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